Leisure School

Year: 2022

Author: José de Guimarães International Arts Centre

Publisher: CIAJG

Designer: Luís Cepa

Download: PDF (47.48 MB)

Publication about the solo exhibition LEISURE SCHOOL / ESCOLA DE LAZER at José de Guimarães International Arts Centre, with texts by Marta Mestre and Lars Bang Larsen. Eng/Pt

The Waterslide of Abstract Art

Year: 2022

Author: Priscila Fernandes

Publisher: Sismógrafo

‘THE WATERSLIDE OF ABSTRACT ART’ presents a comparative exercise between the development of leisure activities in the 20th century and the differing approached to abstract art.
Compiles over several years, this research has been the backbone of many artworks by Priscila Fernandes, such as ‘Cuckoo Land and Other Futures’ (2016-2018), ‘Labour Series’ (2008-2021), ‘Never Touch the Ground’ (2020) and ‘Make it Bounce’ (2022).

Exhibition guide

Year: 2021

Author: CIAJG

Publisher: CIAJG

Download: PDF (1.18 MB)

Dossier about the exhibition