The book

Year: 2014

Author: Priscila Fernandes

Publisher: Kunstlerhaus Betanken GmbH and Priscila Fernandes

Designer: Stefano Faoro

Download: PDF (3 MB)

The Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School is the book used in the installation of same title, imagining what would have been the art education program of La Escuela Moderna.

Lesson 0 publication

Year: 2015

Author: Azotea

Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona in collaboration with Archive Books Berlín

Designer: Priscila Clementti / Particula

Download: PDF (9.33 MB)

This publication documents the cicle of exhibitions Lesson 0 at Fundació Joan Miró and all the related activities beyong the walls of the exhibition. It includes texts and instalation views of The book of aesthetic education of the modern school.
Lesson 0 is a long-term, wide-ranging project that examines the current state of art education. It is developed with artists and education experts who focus on alternative educational methods, far removed from convention, in a search for different forms of transmission of knowledge.
Curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre and Juan Canela) and developed for the yearly program at Espai 13 - Fundació Joan Miró, Lesson 0 foregrounds proposals that relate to a kind of pedagogy that falls out of the expected in order to explore other forms of conveying knowledge. The program consisted of four exhibition projects signed by Priscila Fernandes, Rita Ponce de León, Anna Craycroft / Marc Vives (in collaboration with Rivet) and Eva Kotatkova. They explored, imagined, and tried different methods of learning and of establishing relations with the exhibition space. The four projects were set in motion as developments of Friction Pedagogies, a teaching support program conceived by Aida Sánchez de Serdio and Cristian Añó (Sinapsis) together with Rachel Fendler.

¿Y el Arte?

Year: 2016

Author: Priscila Fernandes

Publisher: Edicions Els Llums

Castellano version of the Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School published by Edicions Els Llums. Does not include images. Buy on Amazon

I l'art

Year: 2016

Author: Priscila Fernandes

Publisher: Edicions Els Llums

Catalan version of the Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School published by Edicions Els Llums. Does not include images.

Back to the sandbox

Year: 2019

Author: Jaroslav Anděl

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Back to the Sandbox addresses critical issues of the education system from an intriguing new perspective: essays by leading thinkers juxtaposed with art projects, intended for kindergarten through adult. The core issues include democracy in education, creativity, transdisciplinarity, neuroplasticity, thinking versus memorizing, science versus art and humanities. Both artists and scholars explore specific topics while guided by one framing question central to educators’ and students’ concerns today: What education do we need? The volume includes several lead essays and eighteen shorter texts from international scholars.
Based on an exhibition with the same name, Back to the Sandbox records an ongoing multifaceted project that comprises exhibitions, conferences, workshops, surveys, and online roundtables, connecting local communities with international networks. This groundbreaking publication will serve as both reference and inspiration to educators, students, artists, parents, policy makers, and everyone interested in education and art.

Contributors: Peter Alheit, Georg-August-U, Gottingen, Germany; Eva Bakkeslett; Nicolas Buchoud; Nancy Budwig, Clark U; Cathy Burke, U of Cambridge; Luis Camnitzer; Teddy Cruz; Jim Duignan; Tony Eaude, U of Oxford; Bente Elkjaer, Aarhus U, Denmark; Priscila Fernandes; Fonna Forman; Liane Gabora, U of British Columbia; Henry Giroux, McMaster U, Ontario; Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley; Michael Joaquin Grey; Ane Hjort Guttu; Jessica Hamlin, New York U; Yaacov Hecht; Knud Illeris, Danish School of Education, Copenhagen; Mannish Jain; Ronald Jones; Markus Kayser; Floris Koot; Eva Koťátková; Graziela Kunsch; Pamela Kuntz; Tyson E. Lewis, U of North Texas; Sugata Mitra, Newcastle U, London; James Mollison; Basarab Nicolescu, U Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris; Petr Nikl; Petr Payne; Renzo Piano; Howard Rheingold; Luboš Rychvalský; Andreas Schleicher; Calvin Seibert; Bára Štěpánová; Mark Tennant; Bruce E. Wexler, Yale U; Judy Willis; Conrad Wolfram; Hafthor Yngvason; Philip Zimbardo, Stanford U.