Jardim Europa (a.k.a. Jardim da Gozolândia) was a performance that took place at the Portuguese Consulate of São Paulo, Brazil, on the 8th of September 2016. It integrated the exhibition O futuro será uma réplica, curated by Isabella Lenzi.

Held in the tropical garden of the consulate designed by Burle Marx, the performance consisted on an interpretive reading of different versions of the Country of Cockaigne, a medieval myth describing an earthy paradise where people can enter freely, where there is no work and the food is plentiful.
Adapted from the historical compilation of Hilário Franco Júnior, in Cocanha - Várias Faces de uma Utopia, the performance intertwines texts from the 13th century to 19th century, from different cultures and countries, in order to expose how the myth has changed to accommodate political and religious ideology, social satire and nationalistic values.

The Portuguese consulate was claimed to act briefly as the consulate of the Country of Cockaigne, with it's own flags, national representation and culture.

During the performance, a menu inspired by the texts was served. It consisted of pork loin skewers marinated in ginger and nutmeg with rapadura sauce; white fish with parmesan crust; corn pancakes with butter and garlic sauce or red fruit coulis; and plenty of fruit and wine.

The title of the performance Jardim Europa is in reference to the upper class region of São Paulo city, which includes the neighbourhood where the consulate is located.