The genre of speculation in science fiction is a space of experimentation where imagination and intuition, as well as organized and rational thinking, collaborate. It is a critical space that allows us to imagine possible futures. The genre denatures what we understand as normal and helps us to familiarize ourselves with the external elements that are still to come or that we can sense as already in existence. At a time when scientific and technological advances are part of everyday experience, narrative premonition varies. For outer space exploration in the future: progress, opportunity and despair are possibilities. - Sergi Selvas

Leisure: The Final Frontier is a text and a selection of film clips that reflect on how leisure is portrayed in science fiction movies. It integrated the project Working as if, an experiment in the use of speculative scenarios to redefine social and labor relations.

Working as if was curated by Sergi Selvas, and exhibited at Espai d' arts, Roca Umbert in 2019.