Filmed in the centre of Rotterdam and at Bobbejaanland amusement park, this short film shows the adventurous and brave endeavours of a TV presenter trying to prove a link between the development of leisure and the emergence of Abstract Art. Her theory explains how modern artists, inspired by the exhilarating leisure activities of the 20th century, started a movement into Abstract Art: their aim was to make art that never touched the ground.
While tirelessly working on the delivery of such a correlation, absurd as it is, she goes skydiving with paintings, skates through canvases and goes on rollercoasters in order to make drawings. Even if correlation doesn’t determine causation, the attempted academic delivery of the TV presenter, somewhat fictional, create the sense that there could not be art without play. Surreal, hilarious and touching, this short film is in itself a carrousel of thrilling experiences that will indeed never let you touch the ground.

This work is made possible thanks to CBK Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fund, MAAT Museum and Creative Tourism.