The notion of a hero is fundamentally in crisis. As we learn more about the monuments we erect of our heroes we understand our history is messy. We have celebrated some and neglected others. We have learned about the violence and dominance of colonisers, their power and success once celebrated in statues now toppling down around the world.

WHAT HORSES DREAM OF is a new exhibition developed for Tabakalera that looks at an individual's relations to world events through the rhetorical figure of the horse. Priscila Fernandes wants to question of how we can escape representations of power and privilege. Through the rhetorical figure of the horse, who has been under the dominance of their masters, she sets them free to imagine new narratives. Fernandes invites the visitors to create or impersonate heroes through play, visitors are invited to to construct their horses and ride them in the exhibition space.

Coming soon 27th April at Tabakalera.