If you say something, see something

Year: 2010

Author: Several

Publisher: Piet Zwart Institute

Designer: Kaisa Lassinaro

Published on the occasion of IF YOU SAY SOMETHING, SEE SOMETHING, an exhibition of work by graduating students of the Piet Zwart Institute - Master of Fine Art, curated by Mai Abu ElDahab, at TENT, Rotterdam (July -August 2010). With contribution by Mike Sperlinger and Guy Ben-Ner, with the students participation of Ghislain Amar, Derek Brunen, Diana Duta, Priscila Fernandes, Tom Kok, Bitsy Knox, Marnie Slater, Bat Sheva Ross, Jay Tan, Selina Taylor, Sjoerd van Leeuwen and Annie Wu.

Towards an ensemble of relations

Year: 2010

Author: Priscila Fernandes

Publisher: Visual Artists Ireland

Download: PDF (1.33 MB)

Contribution to the publication Printed Project no 13, by invitation of Kevin Atherton, with a visual essay.