Drawn to Aldo van Eyck architecture, I visited the Algemene Rekenkamer, where I recorded this video. I was interested in the disguised playing elements that were used in the architecture. Small details that might have been unnoticed unless you start thinking about a way to engage and play with them. The Algemene Rekenkamer is a great example of the ideas that Aldo and his partner Hannie van Eyck have been working on through the years. But when dealing with such specific material, a question had to be placed: what was my space in there? How could I still find something to do in what is now a landmark of Dutch architecture? With this work I try to find my space in what is already so documented, so historicized; at the same time as leaving an invitation for the viewer to access the playfulness and spontaneity that such architecture speaks of.
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Full HD video, 16:9, colour, sound, 4', 2012
installation view at solo exhibition 'once upon a time no longer', apice for artists, amsterdam, 2012

photos by Gert Jan Kooken.
video stills
That's what it's all about, 2012