Publication made with the collaboration of the Spanish artist Carlos Valverde and Barcelona based curator Juan Canela, focusing on the questions regarding the representation of scientific knowledge, the power held within its structure, languages, iconography and signs. Both our practices share a common interest in representation as a device used to read something as credible or authentic. In this sense, the work developed for the publication emanates a sort of attraction towards old scientific practices, certain alchemic reverberations, and systematic working processes, with their rules, frameworks and boundaries.

My contribution includes several short texts: How to become a composer, or the Manufacturing of the individual; Breakfast Manifesto or, Incantation for a Sense of Order and The nutty Ice-Cream or, An exercise on documentality. These texts explored, in the form of humorous parables, the possibilities of manufacturing the individual through a set of rules and methods, also focusing on a metaphysical fascination for systems.
PDF version of the publication can be found here.
Lenticular scorpions find cheese on mars, 2012