In the video we see a child playing with wooden blocks, ordering, designing, while searching for self-reassurance.
All the while a girl prepares and waits to perform. We can feel her trepidation as her young laugh morphs into a voice of classical precision and her gaze meets ours. My intention was to reflect on how we use the image of the child to express our own desires and projections of a future society, but also how as an artist we are expected to be constantly ready to perform.

Product of Play focuses on the toy – a creative tool with an implicit function of preparing the child for society. The colourful wooden blocks seen in the video are also used in Psychological analysis, and are an integral part of a culture of monitoring and quantifying the development of a child.
Product of Play, 2011
View an excerpt of the video:
Installation view at Prix de Rome 2011 exhibition, at SMART Project Space, Amsterdam
Photo by Daniel Nicolas
Installation view at After the Future exhibition, 2012, EV+A Biennial, Limerick, Ireland.
Photo by E C Thomson
Full HD video projection, 16:9 (with square mask), colour, sound, 4'03'' (on loop), 2011