One rule in Calibration Circle dictates the choreography: the red circle, held by the white-dressed ballerina, must remain at the center of the frame regardless of where the pirouettes take her. Against a black background, the locked circle and ballerina seem to hover in space.

Through this peculiar performance a system is made visible: here the repetition creates a mesmerizing space for passive observation and absorption, which then turns into endless recurrence.

This work has been included in the publication "Lenticular Scorpions find Cheese on Mars" as a lenticular print; also as a screensaver at Tensta Library and website of Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm).
HD video on flat screen, 16:9, colour, silent, 2'06'' on loop, 2011-2012
please email for viewing copy
installation view of 'once upon a time no longer' (solo exhibition), apice for artists, amsterdam, 2012
Photo by Gert Jan van Rooij.
installation view at 'abstract possible: stockholm synesgies', at tensta konsthall.
group exhibition curated by maria lind, 2012
it was also the background artwork of tensta konsthall website, during 'abstract possible' exhibition.

the video was also exhibited as a screensaver at tensta library, stockholm, during the group exhibition at tensta konsthall, 'abstract possible'.

Calibration Circle, 2011